Bro David Remixes

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Bro David Remixes
Belizean artist Bredda David Obi set out to put Belizean music on the map in 1984 with the release of his debut LP No Fear. With this album he introduced the world to a new Belizean groove he called kungo (or cungo). A mélange of traditional Belizean brukdown music and sprinklings of the rock, funk, calypso and reggae. He would further develop this modern tropical sound on subsequent albums, integrating more and more elements from Belizean niche genres like sambai and paranda.

Years later DJs and record collectors found his records in basements of record stores in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. These DJs incorporated his music into their DJ sets to the excitement of dance floors all over the world.

The DJs and remixers on this 12" took it a step further and edited and remixed David's music. DC based DJs - Sol Power All-Stars morph "Dancin'" from an electro brukdown breakbeat into a four on the floor acid house track with an afro-caribbean feel. Los Angeles based DJ and record collector DJ Duckcomb tastefully melds both the dub and original versions of "Experience" into one epic reggae discomix. My Rules Records owner and DJ/producer Justin Van Der Volgen uses his heighten production skills to turn Bro David's "Sunshine" into a heady trippy cosmic version of the track. Last but not least LA-based Heatwave DJs turn "Cungo Music" into a dancefloor tested and approved extended anthem. Coming out on October 25th pre-order now!

Dancin' - Sol Power All-Stars Remix

Experience - DJ Duckcomb Discomix

Cungo Music - Heatwave Edit

Sunshine - Justin Van Der Volgen Version

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