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Saucy Lady - Town 12"

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Saucy Lady - Town 12"

We teamed up with local Boston disco queen Saucy Lady to put together a 12" r
eleased in conjunction with our Tokyo Nights - Female J-Pop Boogie Funk compilation. This 12" features a cover of the sublime song "Town" originally recorded by Minako Yoshida.  The B-side is a cover of "Honey B" written and recorded by Toshinobu Kubota. Both tracks are recreated and produced by Saucy Lady and Yuki "U-KEY" Kanesaka.

Originally from Japan with a bi-cultural background, Saucy Lady is a character with an attitude of confidence and sensuality, she represents in her music what we've all admired about the disco era.  Saucy Lady brings back the eclectic, outrageous fashion and cultural diversity that composed the nightclub scenes in the 70s and 80s.  Coming out on February 16th you can pre-order here. 


1. Saucy Lady ‎– Town

2. Saucy Lady ‎– Town(Instrumental)

3. Saucy Lady ‎– Honey B

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