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Bombay Disco Volume 1 - 12" Sampler

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Bombay Disco Volume 1 - 12" Sampler

This special limited edition 12" is being released in conjunction with Cultures of Soul's forthcoming compilation, Bombay Disco. Bombay Disco is the story of disco in Hindi films from 1979 to 1985 and features selections excavated from the dusty bazaars of India by DJ Brother Cleve. Disco songs appeared in every type of film, from family dramas and historical epics to curry westerns and horror movies. Bombay Disco showcases the unique musical hybrid that is Bollywood filmi music.

This 12" features one bonus track not found on the compilation and one track re-edited by Brother Cleve. Cleve masterfully re-edits the track "Udi Baba" by Asha Bhosle adding to the already stellar production and synth programming to make it ripe for dance floors everywhere. The B-side also features the great voice of Asha Bhosle with the track "Koi Lutera." Both tracks give you a great preview of what is to come from Bombay Disco!

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