Boston Creative Jazz Scene on RBMA Radio and Reviews

You can hear straight from the author of the book and man who was part of the scene, Mark Harvey tell the story about the Boston Creative Jazz Scene on Red Bull Music Academy Radio on Monday at 10am EST.


The Boston Creative Jazz Scene has been in stores for a little while now and below you can read some of the reviews. 


Also a few other quotes from other reviews that have come in:

The music on the “Creative Jazz” set showcases a wide variety of styles, from the Mark Harvey Group’s near-silences and tumultuous eruptions to the transcendent explorations of the Phill Musra Group, which worked in the sacred space carved out by late Coltrane, Albert Ayler, and other masters of questing free jazz. From the Boston Globe

For lovers of adventurous jazz expression The Boston Creative Jazz Scene 1970-1983 is a necessary acquisition. From Vinyl District

Cultures of Soul and Mark Harvey are to be commended for putting together this compilation in a way that honors the entire scene and places it into a broader perspective. From All About Jazz

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