Greg Belson's Divine Disco - American Gospel Disco 1974 to 1984

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Greg Belson's Divine Disco - American Gospel Disco 1974 to 1984

Cultures of Soul Records is proud to present a brand new compilation curated and researched by Gospel Soul music authoritarian Greg Belson. Greg Belson's Divine Disco - American Gospel Disco 1974 to 1984 is a snapshot in time encapsulating the raw power of a spiritual performance, set to the pulsating 4/4 rhythms that were in vogue on the dance floors of the day.

This compilation focuses on a breed of Gospel performers that were forward-thinking enough to explore a funkier style; a powerful message with which a younger audience could identify. Music that could stir their mind, body and soul…..while stimulating their senses with a basic need to dance!

Labels like Savoy played a key part in identifying artists that fit nicely into this brand new movement….performers like Shirley Finney and The Gospelaires, both of whom were established within the scene but carried the ‘Disco’ torch brightly with their tunes, are featured here. Divine Disco also paints a picture of the lesser known acts that privately released their message to the hopeful masses, such as the Gospel Ambassadors and the Inspirational Souls, whose recording budgets would have been significantly less than any ‘major’ label. As proven here, they had no less of an impact to the listener.

Other tracks on this compilation such as Betty Griffin's "Free Spirit" have become big club spins for the likes of the NYC Downlow and Horse Meat Disco crews. Also included here are recently discovered tunes like the Masters of Music's "Trouble Don't Last Always" as well as a future classic by The Testimonial Singers, which features several young members of the Winans Family. We’ve got you covered too for those more modern soul, boogiefied moments with rarities from Delores Fuller, Herman Harris and two offerings from the killer LP released by Enlightment.

-Greg Belson

1. Enlightment – Faith Is the Key

2. Delores Fuller – One More Chance Lord

3. Gospel Ambassadors – What Kind of Man Is This

4. Enlightment – What’s Happening People

5. Betty Griffin – Free Spirit

6. The Inspirational Souls – Jesus Is Going Away (But He’s Coming Back Again)

7. Gospel Ambassadors – Thank You Jesus

8. Gloria Griffin – You

9. Masters of Music – Trouble Don’t Last Always

10. The Gospelaires of Dayton, Ohio – No Where To Run

11. Shirley Finney – Give Your Best To The Master

12. The Testimonial Singers – No Greater Love

13. Herman Harris & the Voices of Faith, Hope & Love – Give Yourself to Jesus

14. Gospel Ambassadors – Thank You, Jesus (Steve Cobby Remix)

15. Masters of Music – Trouble Don’t Last Always (Rahaan Edit)

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