Tropical Disco Hustle Volume 2

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Tropical Disco Hustle Volume 2

Cultures of Soul is proud to release the highly anticpated follow-up to the widely successful Tropical Disco Hustle compilation, an album full of rare disco tunes that exude a Caribbean flavor. This volume takes us back to Trinindad and Jamaica and sends us on a few new adventures in St. Lucia and Guadeloupe.

Three tracks by Wild Fire including "The Dealer," as well as two other classic disco tracks, "Dance With Me" and "Try Making Love," can be heard on this new compilation. The album also features two killer disco workouts by the Tru Tones, "Dancing" and "Let's Party," with the latter having been heavily influenced by the Jacksons. Both tracks are rare and in demand by DJs and record collectors alike.

Also featured here is an excellent cover of Chanson's "Don't Hold Back" by reggae legend Derrick Harriott, and the under-the-radar, African-influenced disco tune "Caribean People" by Camille Hildevert.

This album was compiled and researched by Deano Sounds, with edits by french DJ-extraordinary Waxist Selecta and legnedary UK disco DJ Al Kent. 


1. Wild Fire - Try Making Love

2. Tru Tones - Dancing

3. Hamilton Brothers - Music Makes the World Go Round

4. Maestro - Savage

5. Patti Charles - Music Lady

6. Wild Fire - The Dealer

7. Defosto - Socorama

8. Tru Tones - Let's Party

9. Keith Paul and His GT Boom Band - My Life, My Music, and Me

10. C Soprann H - Caribean People (Waxist Edit)

11. Wild Fire - Dance With Me

12. Wild Fire - Try Making Love (Al Kent Version)

13. Derrick Harriott - Don't Hold Back (Waxist Edit)

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