Afro Kelenkye Band

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Afro Kelenkye Band

With the help of Voodoo Funk's Frank Gossner we are putting out unreleased material from the Afro Kelenkye Band. Led by Jagger Botchway, the group recorded the legendary rare Ghanaian Funk album, Moving World. Soon after the group went back into the studio to record more tracks but ran out of money.

The recordings were left on the shelves until Miles Cleret from Soundway Records found them some 40 years later and brought them to Frank's attention. The track "Jungle Funk" sees the group relax into a mid tempo Afro funk groove. "Mother Africa" is a guitar driven Afro psychedelic instrumental with a fuzzed out guitar solo. "Too Bad Girl" features dark melodies and a laid back trumpet solo. "Munchin' Session" grooves with trumpet riffs galore. Mastered from the original reel to reel tapes and pressed on 2 x 45s and housed in a thick collectible jacket cover designed by Frank Gossner. On sale now! Limited to 1,000 copies.

 1. Jungle Funk 

2. Mother Africa

3. Munchin Session

4. Too Bad Girl

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