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Zion Initation - Jah Light LP

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Zion Initation - Jah Light LP

After some time on the road where Zion managed to evade a ganja-sniffing dog at the East German border, and watched as their road man Bibsy fixed a busted van engine in New Orleans using a tree branch as a makeshift lever, the group returned to Downtown Studio in Boston to record it's second album, Jah Light.

Although the album was available in many local regional chains like Strawberries the album never quite made it out of Boston. It contains many tracks not on our compilation including; the anthemic Bob Marley sounding - Praise Jah, the proto-digi track - Complection Girl, and a protest song - Stand Up and Fight amongst others. The album is full of quality roots reggae tunes and available at almost half the price on discogs. 

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