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Special Soulelujah + Cultures of Soul 7inch

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Special Soulelujah + Cultures of Soul 7inch

We're joining forces with the premier Boston area soul and funk night, Soulelujah to put out a special limited edition 45.

The crew from Soulelujah have chosen their classic dance night floor filler - Irene Reid's "Dirty Old Man" for the A-side. We chose the B-side which is often incorrectly credited as "I Keep Forgetting" by the Thornton Sisters. Dr. Yvonne Thornton and her sisters vehemently deny that they recorded this track which leads us to believe that Cuppy Records producer Sonny Casella brought in a studio band to lay down this track.

Soulelujah's DJ crew has been bringing hot soul 45s to Boston dancers for over 10 years at the iconic Middle East rock club. Featuring two rooms and a jumping dance floor, it has been our go to place for guest DJing throughout the years.

Out now on heavy vinyl and limited to 500 copies.


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