Vinnie Johnson Tribute Concert

It was a great night last night! One filled of emotions, energy, excitement, and a dedication to one of the finest drummers this earth has known, Vinnie Johnson. The Stanton Davis Quartet featured Stanton Davis on trumpet, Kenwood Dennard on drums, Tim Ingles on bass, and Jeff Lockhart on guitar. Band members and audience members were encouraged to share their fondest memories of Vinnie. Kenwood shared how inspiring Vinnie was to him and also how Vinnie used put his symbols up as high as they would go on the symbol stand. The quartet performed electrifying versions of some of Vinnie’s favorite tracks as well as a handful of original compositions from the Ghetto Mysticism band where Vinnie Johnson was the drummer and critical to the sound of the group. There were also guest appearances by Leonard Brown, also one of the members of the Ghetto Mysticism Band and Andre “Youngblood” Evans who had performed with Stanton in the past.

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