Thank You / Year in Review

Despite everything else that happened in 2016 we've had a great year that we're very proud of. Here are some of the nice reviews we've received for our releases this year starting in January:

The Boston Creative Jazz Scene in the Boston Globe

"The music on the “Creative Jazz” set showcases a wide variety of styles, from the Mark Harvey Group’s near-silences and tumultuous eruptions to the transcendent explorations of the Phill Musra Group, which worked in the sacred space carved out by late Coltrane, Albert Ayler, and other masters of questing free jazz".

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The Jagger Botchway Group - Odze Odze in Afropop Worldwide

"Here’s one for you to pull out whenever you need to inject a little bit of sunshine into your day. The Jagger Botchway Group’s recently released album Odze Odze drenches highlife, traditional Ghanaian rhythms, and Afro-funk in the bright, shiny, cheesy sound that was born with ’80s synths, drum machines and smooth horns, and lives on today in much Caribbean soca and calypso."

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Greg Belson's Divine Disco in the Guardian

"A new compilation, put together by DJ and inveterate crate-digger Greg Belson, confirms that the cultures of Saturday night and Sunday morning aren’t so diametrically opposed. Divine Disco gathers together an obscure clutch of records made between 1974 and 1984 by gospel artists who wanted to spread the word beyond their usual audience."

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Benjamin Ball - Flash A Flashlight review from Resident Advisor

"The label teases that release with Benjamin Ball's "Flash A Flashlight," a 1983 track that came out around the same time as fellow South African act Brenda & The Big Dudes ‎had a breakout hit with "Weekend Special." Ball's track is much weirder and warped, and would be maddening to the would-be trainspotter. It inhabits some parallel world between itchy reggae, queasy electro, slinky disco, naïf synth pop and proto-house, yet never quite settles into any of them."

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We'd like to sincerely thank everyone that's supported the label this year! We're very grateful. Below is a mix of some of the highlights of our releases this year! Enjoy! And stayed tuned as we've got some great projects planned for 2017!

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