Special Record Store Day Mix

In honor of Record Store Day our very own Deano Sounds has put together a mix of tracks his favorite disco funk/disco soul tracks he’s picked up in local Boston area record stores in the last few years.

This year’s Record Store Day in Boston is a little different than ones in the past because of Monday’s events. But I’m confident record collectors and DJs alike will be out in abundance this Saturday. But don’t go just for the super-limited edition releases coming out on Saturday but be sure to visit on your local record store on other Saturdays as there are always gems to be found and great conversations to be had!


1. Lord Rhaburn – Disco Connection

2. Stanton Davis and the Ghetto Mysticism Band – Things Can Not Stop Forever

3. Evans Pyramid – Dip Drop

4. Little Scotty – Going to the Disco

5. MD -20-20 – Listen to the Rhythm Band

6. Devoshun – No No No My Friend

7. Ureaus – Let Our Music Make Love to You

8. Forest Terry – Branchin’ Out

9. Ken Williams – Sweet Music, Soft Lights and You

10. The T Box’s – Ain’t Enough Love

11. Earl Connelly -Don’t Let Me Go

12. Four Below Zero – My Baby’s Got E.S.P.

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