Pre-order for the Apostles - Banko Woman 7inch

For over forty years, the Apostles of Aba have stood as the jewel in the crown of the music scene in Eastern Nigeria. Since their formation in 1973, the band has turned out memorable performances in a variety of styles including rock, soul, funk, pop and reggae. Even today, the Apostles continue to thrill audiences in their hometown of Aba with dazzling shows.

Cultures of Soul is proud to present one of the Apostles’ more obscure—yet relentlessly funky recordings: Banko Woman, originally released on the eponymous LP on Love Day Records in 1977. Straddling the world realms of afro-funk and disco, the track has long been a coveted dance floor filler amongst DJs, and for the first time is available for a wider audience. On the B-side is “Faith, Luck & Music,” also from the original Banko Woman album. Coming out on May 19th you can pre-order in our shop!

 *********To make up for the delays with the release of SJOB Movement's Friendship Train we have a few Test Pressings of the Apostles 7inch that are up for grabs. You can order them from the shop from the drop down menu******.

Banko Woman

Faith, Luck, and Music

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