Original Black Sheep of the Family Master Tapes

 With the cooperation of Bili Sparrow a.k.a. William Shaw we have been going through unreleased material from the Black Sheep of the Family circa ’76 to ’81. The Black Sheep of the Family is the second incarnation of the group with Mr. Shaw.  He was the only member from the original group. Bili was kind enough to let us borrow reel to reel tapes and tapes and I mean tapes! Below are  some pictures of them.


We got them transferred digitally and have been listening to the material to decide what are the right tracks to release that will best represent our label and shed some light on the brilliance of the Black Sheep’s work. There was a wealth of material and styles ranging from soul, disco, funk, punk, rock, and soulful ballads. We plan on releasing something on the 7 inch format since it is a personal favorite of ours and the soul/funk genre.  Updates to follow soon.


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