C.S. Crew's Funky Pack and Wake Up You!


You've probably been living under a rock if you haven't heard about these two great companion piece book and record sets about the Nigerian Funk Rock period right after the Biafran War. Released on Now Again Records and researched and written by Uchenna Ikonne, Wake Up You Volumes 1 and 2, really do live up to the hype! 

We also released a Nigerian Funk Rock record from this period with the help of Uchenna back in 2013. There are still copies left of the excellent C.S.Crew's <em>Funky Pack</em> with bonus tracks from Youth's of the Universe. Uchenna wrote a great narrative about this record and it's creators. You can pick up your copy at our store <a href="">here.</a> And you also can buy Wake Up You Volumes 1 and 2 <a href="">here.</a>


Below we leave you with an excellent video about this project.

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