Interview with Todd Terje

Way before Todd was an internationally renowned DJ/producer/artist we got the change to interview him back in 2007. This interview was previously published on our TotheDisco! webzine back in September of 2007.

Terje Olsen, a.k.a. Todd Terje burst onto the dance music scene out of nowhere and is now one of the prominent producers of the new generation "cosmic disco music." He took his DJ moniker from legendary NY house producer Todd Terry. Terje has produced original material on the Norweigan label Full Pupp, owned by Prims Thomas as well remixing artists on labels such as Kompakt and Kitsune. He has also produced some interesting bootlegs using his Tangoterje alias including "Can't Help It" by Michael Jackson and K.C. and the Sunshine Band's version of "I Get Lifted." Along with jetsetting the world as a DJ, he also finds time to study physics at the University of Oslo.

1. How did you get started producing music and DJing? Who inspired you in the beginning? You took your DJ moniker from Todd Terry. In what way did he influence you?

My sister was into club music when I was into crappy dance and Scooter, so it wasn't until she bought a mix cd from Norwegian DJ Strangefruit (of Mungoluan Jet Set) that I got converted. After that I got into the sounds of DJ Erot and Bjørn Torske from Bergen, Norway. Me and my friend Dølle Jølle then started tracking (Fast Tracker), making housey house.

2. How do you think your music has gotten to such wide acclaim?

Because we're all so handsome here in Oslo, you just can't resist us. I don't know, it seems like Oslo and Scandinavia is a bit different from the rest of Europe. We don't do as much drugs here, therefore the music profile in general is softer. You may have noticed that the tempo of the music coming out of Oslo right now is many, many BPMs slower than most club music.

3. What is the DJ/electronic scene like in Oslo now? It seems to be pretty prolific with artists like yourself and Prins Thomas around. Has it always been this way?

Not long ago it was at it's lowest point ever, but now it's actually pretty good. Blå, our favorite club is going strong, and we opened a more techno club called Villa.
Very good sound!

4. Since you are a world traveling DJ what has been your favorite city and favorite party that you've DJed at?

Hmm...Tokyo is definitely fascinating! Berlin is a great great city. If you have some money and wanna have a good time, move there. New York is also lots of fun, but not the best for clubbing. Lisbon is also a very nice place to be in the summer, I'd love to go back there soon. But right now, I have a soft spot for Oslo, naturally hehe. If you asked me one year ago, I wouldn't have picked Oslo, but now I have confidence that clubbing will go on for a good while here.

5. Under your Tangoterje guise you've been doing a lot of bootlegs. What has been your favorite to date?

The dub mix of Paul Simon's "Diamonds On The Sole Of Her Shoes", and the rework of Andreas Vollenweider's "Belladonna".

6. And finally could you gives us a list of your all time favorite top 5 dance records?

No, not really. The ONLY record that I KNOW is always gonna be on my top 5 list is Loleatta Holloway's "Catch Me On The Rebound" (Walter Gibbons mix).

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