Antal's Top 10 South African Records

Antal of Rush Hour has taken the time to send us his favorite South African records in conjunction with our South African Disco Pop Hits album - Saturday Night! Text by Antal. 

  1. Linda ‘babe” Majika “Let’s Make A Deal” - South African proto house so nice!



  2. Chico “Shigomase” - One of those I wanted to find really really bad. Killer South African house jam.

  3. Caiphus Semenya “Without You” - Lovely stepper!




  4. Adaye “Turn It Up” - I like this for the instrumental version. Killer disco jam.



  5. Kamazu “Mjukeit” - Great kwaito or slow house groove. Love this!


  6. Street Kids “Game No.1” - This comes close to Boyd Jarvis type 80’s house sound.

  7. Space Cats “Mother Earth” - Number 1 wanted South African record! Found it in Johannesburg on a diggin’ trip. This sparked my interest in music from South Africa. Luckily you can grab the reissue from Cultures of Soul.

 8. Kumasi “Anomakoliwa” - Another wanted jam that I have never found an og of. Luckily it got a reissue by Afro Synth!


 9. Lungile Masitha “Vuyani” - Another wanted Chicco jam. Never found the OG. Left Ear reissued it.

 10. Black Five “Ea Kgiba Ngoale” - Nice under the radar boogie jam. Don’t know what it’s about but it grooves! You can pick it up on the new Cultures of Soul compilation!


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